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    1. Canadian scientists have uncovered the new fossil species that sheds light on the origin of mandibulates - the most abundant and diverse group of organisms on Earth

    2. WILD ABOUT TEXAS: Black-capped vireo losing habitat

      The San Angelo Standard-Times13 hours ago

      The black-capped vireo is a fairly small bird with a body length of 4.5 inches and a wingspan of only 8 inches.

    3. Across the world, it's not uncommon for human beings to practice entomophagy -- the consumption of insects -- without a second thought. In fact, insects are often considered a ...

    4. Fighting a nuisance:

      The Parsons Sun4 days ago

      While mosquitoes are an important link in the food chain, people don’t usually appreciate being this annoying insect’s appetizer or contracting viruses the insects can transmit ...

    5. Pull up a chair for annual spring concert

      Carroll County Times20 hours ago

      Some are as small as the joint of a finger, while others as large as dinner plates. When they crank up their music, it’s better than a rock concert. Of course, they are frogs and toads, heralds ...

    6. For more than two decades starting in 1989, ornithologists captured and banded thousands of birds migrating through the Fort Morgan peninsula on Alabama's coastline. Over time they built up an impressive set of data on migrating birds.

    7. Beruang makan tangan budak

      MSN News3 days ago

      Tebing Barat: Seekor beruang membaham seorang kanak-kanak berusia sembilan tahun hingga menyebabkan tangan mangsa putus sebelum haiwan itu memakannya.

    8. 1-minute hike: Cox Pinnacle in Brunswick

      Bangor Daily News5 days ago

      Expect a gradual but steady climb to the top of the hill, and watch your step — the surface of the trail can be uneven with exposed tree roots and rock waterbars, lines of rocks constructed ...

    9. One of the many aftereffects of Yuma's rainier-than-normal winter has emerged in force in the last couple of weeks, leaving startled residents, overtaxed exterminators and a smelly spray ...

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