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    1. Though press reports in the days leading up to Trump's big speech on Islam identified senior adviser and travel-ban architect Stephen Miller as the primary author of the remarks, the president ...

    2. FAIR HAVEN, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont highway has been renamed to commemorate the 1991 American-led war in the Persian Gulf.

    3. They...executions – and that Rouhani’s revolutionary credentials are clear: just before Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi invasion of 1980, he managed to re-organise ...

    4. Donald Trump’s trip to Riyadh only proves that the special relationship between America and Saudi Arabia is bigger than any one figure

    5. One of the most recognized ships in the U.S. Navy just finished a four-year, $4 billion makeover in Virginia

    6. Trump's atrocious judgment

      The Week2 days ago

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    7. Next Monday is Memorial Day, a day that we set aside to remember and honor our fallen warriors. In my view, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Election Day are as inseparable as the colors of our ...

    8. JAKARTA: The two suspects who killed three policemen at a bus terminal in east Jakarta on Wednesday night in a suicide bombing have ties to militants in Poso, Central Sulawesi, a police source said.

    9. When the U.S. prepared to take on Saddam Hussein in 1991, the newly-built USS Lincoln patrolled the Persian Gulf, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

    10. Antigovernment protesters in Venezuela have settled on a new target for their frustration: Hugo Chavez. Until recently, even as the economy cratered and Venezuelans abandoned support for President ...

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