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    • What Is The Heaviest Metal?

      IFLScience· 8 hours ago

      References to “heavy metals” are common when talking of mining, some industries, and the contents of certain asteroids. You might not think there is much ambiguity in a five-word ...

    • X-Men '97 season 2: Everything we know so far

      X-Men '97 season 2: Everything we know so far

      Total Film via Yahoo News· 2 days ago

      After the UN fires their "Magneto protocol," it backfired majorly and threatened to send Asteroid M to Earth. Professor X is able to fix Magneto's psyche...

    • Episode 6: Bats

      Episode 6: Bats

      New York Times· 2 hours ago

      Well, my family loves to tell a story about the time, years ago, when a bat flew down a hallway and I allegedly — a l l e g e d l y — shoved my...