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    • Santos calls off Westbury event

      Santos calls off Westbury event

      Newsday· 4 days ago

      After being rejected by other public venues, Rep. George Santos had finally landed on a time and site to hold a town hall on Friday — but now that event...

    • Lauren Boebert’s roaming hands

      Lauren Boebert’s roaming hands

      The Uniontown Herald Standard· 14 hours ago

      Lauren Opal Boebert is a Republican firebrand with a never-ending appetite for attention. Last February, Boebert, and her fellow troubled congressman, ...

    • The "QUEEN Charlatan!

      Lottery Post· 6 days ago

      MADDOG10's Lottery Blog: maddogs hideaway - Welcome to Maddogs hideaway, The poormans predictor. Somedays I just feel like ridin...!.

    • Why Menendez must resign

      Why Menendez must resign

      The Hill· 5 hours ago

      A mob-style text message — “We need make things go away” — coming from an alleged Menendez co-conspirator who was under criminal investigation. Instead,...

    • Have competency tests, but not age-based

      The Gazette· 1 day ago

      In a recent television ad, Nikki Haley suggests having a competency test for all candidates over the age of 75 years. The competency test would have probably prevented the presidency of Donald ...