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    • NI employment rate at 'record high'

      BBC News· 2 hours ago

      Northern Ireland's employment rate rose to a record high of 70.3% at the end of last year. The data measures the percentage of working-age adults who are ...

    • 'Violence in NI' if hard border returns

      BBC News· 1 day ago

      There would be a return to violence in Northern Ireland if there was a hard Irish border due to a no-deal Brexit or a rushed border poll, claims a report ...

    • How Brexit Threatens Peace in Northern Ireland

      The Atlantic· 1 day ago

      Failing to reach a deal by March 29, when Britain is legally set to withdraw, could result in a “hard Brexit,” which might, among other things, reimpose a tangible border between the republic ...

    • 'Hundreds' of badgers killed each year

      BBC News· 18 hours ago

      The USPCA and the NI Badger Group believe the practice is on the rise, in part, due to social media. It is estimated that there are about 34,000 badgers in Northern

    • Cross-border driving permit confusion

      BBC News· 5 days ago

      There is confusion over the paperwork motorists from Northern Ireland will need to drive in the Republic of Ireland in the event of a ...

    • A numbers guide to Brexit's borders

      BBC News· 2 days ago

      There is rarely a speech or sound bite relating to the UK's EU exit that does not contain reference to either. But what are the key statistics regarding cross-border activity between