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    • Letter: Support Sarah

      Letter: Support Sarah

      Anchorage Daily News· 2 days ago

      She is real; there is nothing unexposed or fake about her.

    • Letter: Vote for Palin

      Letter: Vote for Palin

      Anchorage Daily News· 2 days ago

      As a Native American small-business owner, I wholeheartedly support Sarah Palin as our next U.S. representative.

    • Letter: Careless hunting behavior

      Letter: Careless hunting behavior

      Anchorage Daily News· 6 days ago

      In one episode of the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” television program, she and her father went caribou hunting. As I recall, she lightheartedly blamed her...

    • Trump to Hold Rally In Alaska

      Taegan Goddard's Political Wire· 6 days ago

      "Former President Donald Trump plans to attend a rally in Alaska next week for candidates he has endorsed in the state, including Sarah Palin, who is running ...