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    1. Denver passed a proposal to reduce maximum criminal sentences for low-level infractions to prevent immigrant offenders from ending up on the radar of immigration officials.

    2. Witnesses say the suspect in an attack that left one man dead in Colorado was wearing gloves that had blades at the base of each finger

    3. Mike McCoy (Offensive Coordinator- Denver Broncos)- Mike McCoy was a hapless NFL Coach, who simply annoyed Chargers fans throughout his time there. His style of coaching was conservative ...

    4. It's early, but these are the top 3 fantasy football draft targets on the Denver Broncos. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders didn't miss Peyton Manning as much as many assumed.

    5. The NFL draft is all about maximizing value, but these prospects came off the board much earlier than expected

    6. Ini kerana menurutnya perkembangan lawatan itu tidak dapat diikuti seperti mana lawatan rasmi oleh pemimpin Selangor.

    7. If the Pyeongchang Olympics were today, Germany would win the most gold medals and the most medals overall.That was the forecast on Monday from U.S.-based Gracenote, a sports and entertainment ...

    8. Want to know how much money governments give away in corporate tax breaks? Good luck.

    9. A man acted strangely long before he caused a disturbance on a plane that prompted fighter jets to accompany it to Hawaii, but a lack of communication and an airline's hesitancy to be caught ...

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