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    • Democrats’ endless hoaxes

      Democrats’ endless hoaxes

      The Washington Times· 6 days ago

      Funny how both of those deceptions — the Hillary Clinton campaign’s Russia-sourced dossier fed to an obedient FBI, and the laptop letter signed by 51...

    • Bankruptcy Judge Calls BS on Rudy Giuliani

      Bankruptcy Judge Calls BS on Rudy Giuliani

      The Daily Beast via Yahoo News· 2 days ago

      Rudy Giuliani’s financial woes went from bad to worse on Friday when a federal bankruptcy judge threw out the case after he hid his assets, opening the...

    • The Two Marys

      The Two Marys

      The Atlantic· 1 day ago

      On New Year’s Day in 1772, peace in Europe depended on whether a princess would lower herself to speak to a courtesan. The princess was Marie Antoinette,...