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  1. Smelly socks may hold the answer

  2. A team of scientists hope dirty socks will tell us how genetics play a role in who mosquitoes like to bite.

  3. Swiss product designer Carolien Niebling was not a sausage fan, at least not until she spent three years tasting 50 to 70 different types of sausages from all over the world.

  4. Fancy joining the 3.8 million naturists in the UK during the hot weather? Here is what you need to know

  5. Two species of mosquitoes known to carry the Zika virus were found in more U.S. counties than previously thought, according to CDC data.

  6. Rise in tourism and warmer climate bring house flies – and the growth of mosses in which they can live

  7. A Victorian man who visited Phuket for 10 days last month and struggled to stay awake after returning home dies from Japanese encephalitis.

  8. That’s why the FDA has to make allowances for a certain amount of insects or insect fragments in our food. They’re labeled as unavoidable defects in food and found in lots of ingredients ...

  9. States especially affected include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and other Gulf states, and the mid-Atlantic states.

  10. Apparently, it's par for the course that some insect parts are going to find their way into our food supply — and it's not unsafe, exactly, for us to unknowingly eat bugs. When we eat ...

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