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  1. A giant insect, said to be the world’s biggest mosquito, will go on display at a museum in southwest China next month. The supersized insect was discovered by Chinese entomologist ...

  2. A species of ant that “explodes” and gives off a toxic, sticky liquid to fight off foes and keep its colony safe has been discovered in the jungles of Borneo island, scientists said Friday.

  3. Ancient butterflies were of metallic bronze and gold colour, reveals study

  4. For all your Bachelor in Paradise Australia gossip in one convenient place, check out our Bachelor in Paradise 2018 hub.

  5. After Pooja Bhatt gave it back to trolls, who called her "alcoholic" and "attention seeker" for targeting Amitabh Bachchan, her father Mahesh Bhatt took to Twitter and said "proud of my child ...

  6. Maybe she was trying to blend in?

  7. A new kind of exploding ant found in Borneo will simultaneously fascinate you and gross you out with its toxic self-sacrifice.

  8. Scientists discover ant species that fights enemies by detonating themselves, covering their foe in toxic goo

  9. In a bizarre heist, a young musician broke into the British Natural History Museum at Tring to steal exotic birds.

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