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  1. The Importance Of Going Native

    The Post-Journal4 days ago

    Monarch butterfly larvae (Danaus plexippus) have a well-documented need for milkweed (Asclepias) plants, and this relationship is mirrored in many other insect and plant species.

  2. In the Garden: Pests to watch for

    The Observer-Dispatch3 days ago

    Most of their insect life is spent as larvae feeding below the soil surface on decaying matter and plant roots. The larvae can damage a plant. The damage is caused by the larvae feeding ...

  3. The genetically engineered seeds produce crops that are herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant, making them more resilient. Farmers have been using GMO seeds for decades to increase ...

  4. Whenever we have a mild winter, folks complain that mosquitoes and other insect pests will be worse. This past January, we had some of the coldest temperatures in several years. Mosquitoes ...

  5. Rome, Italy - infoZine - The guide was developed with a host of partners: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology ...

  6. Bugs and Pumpkins and Autumn Fun

    NBC Los Angeles2 days ago

    HERE'S THE BOLD PART: Props to web sites going bold on their big stuff, and the Pumpkin Festival does on this line: "500,000 live and preserved insects" will be at Insect Fair.

  7. What to know about GMO

    The Uniontown Herald Standard7 days ago

    A GMO is something (for our purposes, a food) whose DNA has been scientifically altered by man for any number of reasons: to improve flavor, to produce more from a crop (to save money) and to ...

  8. Brandon library closed for bed bug removal

    FOX 13 Tampa Bay17 hours ago

    Pest specialist Connor Keller with Insect IQ says bed bugs are still a huge problem.

  9. Gorilla nests, insect building, and more await, daily in Orange County.

  10. After being bitten by a tick more than a decade ago, Shania Twain faced numerous medical issues after contracting Lyme disease from the blood-sucking insect. In a new interview with the ...

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