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    1. Scents of the South

      Southern Living via Yahoo News2 days ago

      You might have to work a little to keep gardenias insect free, but their wonderful aroma is worth the fuss. Fragrance through the Seasons Spring: banana shrub (Michelia figo), Carolina ...

    2. Poking a golden tortoise beetle ("goldbug") triggers the insect's color to change from gold to a red-orange. Inspired by the natural system underlying that insectoid superpower ...

    3. ­Last September, a tiny, itchy welt appeared just above my left hip. I thought I had an insect bite. I was visiting New York City at the time, and I

    4. The insect fits tightly with the flower's anthers, to vibrate and unlock pollen sealed within.

    5. Ants are often thought of as pests, but new research suggests they offer a significant boost to soil health. Researchers at Northwest A&F University in central China measured the effects of ...

    6. Texas A&M researcher: Mosquitoes hold key to Zika fight

      The Bryan-College Station Eagle5 days ago

      Texas A&M University researchers are looking at how mosquito-borne viruses such as Zika affect insect carriers and how that information can be used to decrease the impact on humans.

    7. The Lscher restaurant in Bern is offering cooking classes that use insects as a primary ingredient, The Local reported. “We associate prawns with food but not grasshoppers. However the ...

    8. Highway Q project impacts rare insect

      Leader-Telegram2 hours ago

      The reconstruction of Highway Q in Eau Claire Countymay result in the "incidental taking" of a rare plant and insect under an authorization the Department of Natural Resources proposes ...

    9. It’s about an insect family called odonata, which includes dragonflies and damselflies.

    10. 'You Will See This Material Again'

      Denton Record-Chronicle2 hours ago

      You will see these weeds again. How do we get a positive identification on weeds? Digital cameras, smartphones, even a copier or flatbed scanner can be used to snap an image. Take the picture ...

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