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    • Map shows nuclear powers around the world

      Map shows nuclear powers around the world

      Newsweek· 2 days ago

      There are believed to be some 12,000 nuclear warheads spread between the world's nine nuclear-armed nations, more than 10,000 of which sit in American...

    • Asian Powers Set Their Strategic Sights on Europe

      Foreign Policy Magazine· 5 days ago

      What has often been circumscribed as “the rise of the rest”—the relative ascendancy of the non-Western powers—has been felt particularly acutely in Asia. When the Portuguese navigator Vasco ...

    • Air Defense: Defeating Death from Above

      Strategy Page· 5 days ago

      This depends on the size of a nation’s defense budget and how much of it is allocated to stockpiling munitions for a future war. In the West, and Russia after the 1991 collapse ...

    • UK To Return Defense Focus To NATO And Europe

      Aviation Week· 5 days ago

      Britain’s new prime minister, Keir Starmer, appears to be stepping back from the Indo-Pacific and refocusing the country’s armed forces for conflict in Europe. Launching a ...