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  1. These celebrities have been reported to have dabbled in Scientology — or to being formerly avid members — but have all reportedly left the church.

  2. Now the Church of Scientology has stepped into the broadcasting arena with Monday evening s launch of the Scientology Network on DIRECTV s channel 320, streaming devices like AppleTV ...

  3. With so many Hollywood a-listers in its ranks, it’s surprising the Church of Scientology has taken until now to launch a television network. The only celebrity to be found as the channel ...

  4. Leah Remini's hit A&E show, 'Scientology and the Aftermath,' has been renewed for a third season. The star hopes to cause enough of a stir to warrant a federal investigation into the church and its practices.

  5. A Twitter handle, website and app for Scientology TV appeared Sunday posting updates to hype the network’s availability on DIRECTV, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV, Chromecast, iTunes and Google Play.

  6. Scientologists are getting their own TV network

    Fast Company Magazine7 days ago

    Clear your primetime schedule and get ready to hail Xenu, because the Church of Scientology is launching its own TV network at 8 p.m. ET tonight. According to a promo for the new network ...

  7. Clearwater election in home stretch

    Tampa Bay Times6 days ago

    Officials will also have to navigate the unpredictably of the Church of Scientology, which has left the city in the dark about plans for its international spiritual headquarters downtown ...

  8. CBS says work needed on Daniels interview Church of Scientology launches TV channel Revamped ‘American Idol’ reaches more than 10 million Beer chug: Tom Brady beats Stephen Colbert in seconds flat Givenchy legacy: Hepburn’s little…

  9. The Daily Beast

    The Daily Beast6 days ago

    Ron Miscavige is the father of David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology. Ron and his family joined Scientology in 1970, and he worked for the Sea Org for almost 27 years before leaving the church entirely in 2012.

  10. James Corden looks at a roundup of the news including Space X's vision for Mars, Costco's vision for the doomsday family and Scientology's vision for television.

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