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  1. A Mercedes-Benz station wagon, said to have been parked at the Dakota the day John Lennon was killed, is heading to the auction block.


    New York Times5 days ago

    J., Aug. 9 ----Five persons were killed and two others seriously injured early this morning when a motorist going the wrong way on the northbound lane of the New Jersey turnpike crashed into ...

  3. Crossland began his association with NEO as a young boy, when his father, Ivan, loaded the family in their station wagon and brought them to NEO Football games on Saturday nights ...

  4. The Great Toy Robbery, like the Great Jewel Robbery a week earlier, ended in failure yesterday.View Full Article in Timesmachine »

  5. After 1 a.m., authorities said they were called to the area, where a 2006 white Volvo station wagon had left the road.

  6. The men were armed with a baseball bat and hammer.

  7. Road trips were once a mainstay of family vacations: navigating with paper maps, eating at Howard Johnson’s, driving without seat belts. Daniel Akst reviews “Don’t Make Me Pull Over!” by Richard Ratay.

  8. When he's cruising the streets of Des Moines this summer, Eric Wildman's vehicle certainly grabs your attention.

  9. Carey Dean Moore is no longer sure he wants to die in Nebraska's electric chair. The man who executed two Omaha cabdrivers in the summer of 1979 had been prepared for his own execution last ...

  10. The Peyote Road; The peyote road

    New York Times6 days ago

    THE station wagon suddenly pulled off the dusty, unpaved road winding north from Fort Defiance, Ariz. The driver, a burly, middle-aged Navajo in rancher's hat, was wearing the ...

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