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    • Using SSL to secure wireless LAN traffic· 6 days ago

      I see a lot of press regarding the use of SSL to secure remote access traffic, not much on using SSL to secure wireless LAN traffic? This solution seems (on the surface) ideal

    • Cloud-managed networking makes VPN a snap· 3 days ago

      As a longtime network professional -- and simultaneously an industry analyst -- I have been able to follow the cloud networking evolution from early on. There are thousands of ASAs deployed ...

    • WLAN planning: Are enterprises ready for the iPad?· 5 days ago

      Enterprise WLAN planning must take into account evolving capacity and performance challenges related to BYOD in order to keep their Wi-Fi networks from becoming obsolete.

    • Hunting down the source of a wireless attack· 4 days ago

      Question: I am looking for a tool which would help in physically locating a denial of service (DoS) attacker of a Wireless LAN. Your WIPS should depict ...

    • Words to know: Spyware· 2 days ago

      ActiveX -- a Web technology that enables the creation of portable modules and makes it possible for a browser to interact with desktop applications. Spyware is frequently downloaded through ...