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    • Subaru Files 12 Trademarks For Off-Road-Y Names

      AP News Archive· 3 days ago

      Subaru has filed a total of 12 trademark applications for various names with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for use with “automobiles and structural parts and ...

    • EV Range Anxiety Debunked: Actual Daily Use Revealed

      AP News Archive· 2 hours ago

      Electric vehicle (EV) owners in the United States typically drive well within the range capacities of their vehicles, according to a comprehensive data analysis.The study, which examined anonymized ...

    • The 10 Cars Dealers Just Can't Sell Right Now

      The 10 Cars Dealers Just Can't Sell Right Now

      AP News Archive· 6 days ago

      Dealerships across America are experiencing an oversupply of certain vehicle models, particularly from the Stellantis brand.Data from CarEdge, which...