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    • The Pro-Israel Push to Purge US Campus Critics

      New York Review of Books· 10 hours ago

      There are signs that we’ve reached a tipping point in US public recognition of Israel’s suppression of the rights of Palestinians as a legitimate human rights concern. Increasingly, students ...

    • Dana Milbank: Of course it's George Soros' fault

      The Mail Tribune· 4 days ago

      Where does George Soros find the time? Trump, in his closing ad of the 2016 campaign, featured Soros and two other American Jews as part of a “global power structure” acting in cahoots with Clinton against America.

    • Opinion: There is no 'surge' in right-wing violence

      Detroit News· 7 days ago

      A Washington Post "analysis" of domestic terrorism argues that attacks from white supremacists and other "far-right attackers" have been on the rise since Barack Obama's presidency and "surged ...