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  1. The Mystery Around Middle-Age Suicides

    The Wall Street Journal6 days ago

    The recent suicides of two well-known figures—celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade —underscore a sobering reality: Suicide rates for people in middle age are higher ...

  2. Colonel Sanders to Give Real Life Commencement Speech

    Extra Crispy via Yahoo News5 days ago

    Think of David Foster Wallace’s famous “This is Water” speech delivered to Kenyon College’s class of 2005 and you start to get the idea. The Art Institute of Portland has ...

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  4. Can We Really Prevent Suicide? Yes!

    Psychology Today2 days ago

    Following the recent high-profile deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, a common question we hear is – “Can suicide be prevented if someone really wants to die?” While the question seems ...

  5. You Old Dog!

    New York Review of Books7 days ago

    “When a solipsist dies, after all, everything goes with him,” David Foster Wallace wrote in a famously patricidal (and exceedingly sanctimonious, I’ve always thought) essay ...

  6. The artist Erwin Wurm envisions new releases by Mary Karr, Rebecca Makkai, James Wood and Tommy Orange. The artist says: “This picture, which is a kind of self-portrait, is called asthma, which I suffer from.

  7. Editorial: Suicide rate should alarm us all

    The Providence Journal6 days ago

    Out of the self-inflicted deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef-adventurer Anthony Bourdain has come another round of public discussion about the signs that someone may be contemplating ...

  8. Editorials from around New England

    Macon Telegraph5 days ago

    Young people often find themselves stereotyped as do-nothing, apathetic slackers with a keen sense of entitlement and an inversely low sense of personal responsibility. Some among this generation ...

  9. Scott from appointing a replacement for 4th Circuit Judge Robert Foster, who is resigning from office effective Dec. 31, before his term in office expires.

  10. Judge George Foster was working in Family Court in 2013 and inherited the Jones case.

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