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    • Only 1 Georgia Midterm race moving into runoff

      Only 1 Georgia Midterm race moving into runoff

      WSB Cox articles via Yahoo News· 3 months ago

      After more than 2.5 million Georgians turned out to vote early in the 2022 midterm election, polling locations across the state saw a steady stream of...

    • Newspaper: Georgia congressman may have illegally voted

      Associated Press via Yahoo News· 2 months ago

      A Georgia congressman voted three times this year in a county where he no longer lives, possibly violating state law, state records show. Republican U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson's congressional website ...

    • McCarthy issues warning to Republicans openly vying for whip

      Politico via Yahoo News· 8 months ago

      As House Republicans jockey early over a majority whip’s post before even winning back the chamber, Kevin McCarthy is warning contenders that an early play for the role could “backfire.” With ...