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    • Smellmaxxing, Explained

      Smellmaxxing, Explained

      New York Times· 5 days ago

      There’s something going on with the way teenage boys smell. It’s become a cliché for adolescents to douse themselves in Axe body spray at the first sign...

    • Hot tip: Leave firewood at home

      The Mining Journal· 4 days ago

      Moving firewood when you camp, hunt or head out for a weekend getaway means you risk carrying tree-killing insects and diseases to new places. Invasive pests can crawl out, infesting trees and ...

    • Shot by a civilian wielding a police gun

      Shot by a civilian wielding a police gun

      Mother Jones· 4 days ago

      Candace Leslie was leaving church when she got the call she will never forget. Cameron Brown was 19. It was a Glock pistol. Unbeknownst to investigators...