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    • $89 Million Can’t Fix Her Mistakes

      $89 Million Can’t Fix Her Mistakes

      New York Times· 16 hours ago

      “I haven’t made many mistakes,” Louise Blouin said soon after her compound in the Hamptons was sold out from under her in a bankruptcy auction. Ms....

    • Can the EU be trusted with its own nukes

      Big News· 9 hours ago

      With its farmers rebelling, its economy declining, and its traditional parties decaying, you'd think the European Union has enough to worry about at home. The former - and likely future - American ...

    • Letter to the editor: No way to conduct a humanitarian war

      Pittsburgh Tribune-Review· 4 days ago

      All that seems to be published today about the Israeli/Hamas war is that there should be a more humane method of carrying on war. What? The true leaders of post-World War II knew it was hell ...