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    1. Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka have killed at least 25 people while dozens are missing after torrential rain, officials said on Friday, as soldiers fanned out in boats and in helicopters to help with rescue operations.

    2. From volunteer projects in Africa and Asia to eco-aware tours of the Galapagos and the Amazon, these fantastic trips give back as much as they give you

    3. This is part as part of an agreement concluded between the two institutions.

    4. During his first joint meeting with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation leaders, President Trump appeared to push aside the prime minister of Montenegro.

    5. Ini kerana menurutnya perkembangan lawatan itu tidak dapat diikuti seperti mana lawatan rasmi oleh pemimpin Selangor.

    6. An influential Chinese newspaper claimed a “sweeping victory” after a report that Beijing's intelligence agencies had killed or jailed more than a dozen covert sources who supplied information for the CIA.

    7. A look at how Narendra Modi government has fared on its various policy front in the three years it has been in power

    8. By Sanjeev Miglani

    9. Bekas ketua Pemuda PAS itu mendakwa Dr Mahathir pendendam sehingga sanggup bermusuhan serta menyerang PAS dan bapanya, walaupun Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat sudah meninggal dunia.

    10. "The Forum for Information Technology Employees (FITE) will be getting itself registered formally as the first union for IT employees in India," forum's vice-president Vasumathi said.

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