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    • 'The Operative': Film Review | Berlin 2019

      'The Operative': Film Review | Berlin 2019

      The Hollywood Reporter· 7 days ago

      Diane Kruger plays an Israeli intelligence recruit with Martin Freeman as her handler, thrown together again when she resurfaces after going underground in writer-director Yuval Adler's espionage ...

    • Berlin Film Review: ‘The Operative’

      Berlin Film Review: ‘The Operative’

      Variety· 7 days ago

      “Operation ‘Business As Usual'” is the name given to the undercover mission assigned to Mossad agent Rachel Currin in Tehran: a knowingly ironic label for a challenging undertaking ...

    • Diane Kruger worked with Mossad for The Operative· 6 days ago

      Actress Diane Kruger underwent training with agents from Israeli security force Mossad to prepare for her role in The Operative. The Inglourious Basterds star plays a woman ...