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    • Gateway - Quartz

      Quartz· 2 days ago

      Then, just a few days later, a flight attendant broke her back during severe turbulence on a Turkish Airlines flight. Several other incidents of severe ...

    • Gateway - Jalopnik

      Jalopnik· 2 days ago

      “My wife and I thought we were going to die,” Bukhari said. Bukhari and his wife were unharmed; they had their seat belts on. Surely, turbulence couldn’t cause that much harm ...

    • How and why do flocks of birds collide with aeroplanes?

      Al Jazeera· 5 days ago

      In April, 39 flamingos were killed when they collided with an Emirates passenger jet shortly before it touched down in Mumbai on India’s west coast. Exactly one year previously, activists had ...