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    • Syria: Sunnis Minimized

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      Iran motivated the mercenaries with cash and a cause, to protect the Shia minority of Syria from annihilation. Iran encouraged its mercenaries to go after Sunnis in general ...

    • Syria: Waiting For A Miracle

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      March 25, 2019: Iran and Syria have made it official; Iran will assist the Assad government in regaining control of all of Syria and will back efforts to ...

    • Syria: The Israeli Reset

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      May 15, 2018: While the Syrian government is close to winning the seven year long civil war there are still substantial rebel forces that will not surrender. The most formidable rebel bastion ...

    • Nuri al-Maliki Fast Facts – KION546

      Nuri al-Maliki Fast Facts – KION546

      KION 46 Salinas· 5 hours ago

      CNN Editorial Research (CNN) — Here’s a look at the life of Iraq’s former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Personal Birth date: July 1, 1950 Birth place:...

    • Weapons: Russian Droids Rush To Syria

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      This one has seen action in Syria in an unarmed version for use by combat engineers to deal with landmines, roadside bombs and, most importantly, ensuring that a route is ...

    • Syria: The Last And Worst Obstacle

      Strategy Page· 6 days ago

      Anonymous assassins use pistols and hidden bombs to kill those who work, or worked for government forces or Russia and Syria backed local militias. There is no open violence ...