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    • Yes, You Still Need Antivirus Software

      Yes, You Still Need Antivirus Software

      CNET· 15 hours ago

      Antivirus software has had to get savvier, adapting to more complete malware as people spend more time online. The best antivirus software offers secure...

    • Malware and best practices for malware removal

      VentureBeat· 5 days ago

      It is a general name for different code variants developed by cyberattackers to cause deliberate damage to a computer system or network of systems. Here, we take a deep dive into malware ...

    • How to know if your Mac has been hacked

      How to know if your Mac has been hacked

      Macworld· 20 hours ago

      It’s a long-held belief of Mac users that their computers are immune to the kind of malware and viruses that plague Windows PCs. While there is some...

    • SecureAge CatchPulse

      PC Magazine· 6 days ago

      While I haven’t tracked its progress over the years, I can see from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine that SecureAge has provided Enterprise-level security for decades. CatchPulse, the ...

    • How to Use Microsoft Defender on All Your Devices

      Wired News· 2 days ago

      Owners of Windows computers without Microsoft 365 don’t need to sweat; Microsoft is still preinstalling software on Windows to protect against viruses and other malware. Beyond ...