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  1. Books of the Times

    New York Times2 days ago

    Certain books achieve a sort of underground reputation before they are published. Gossip arouses expectations that they are even nastier than the last succès de scandale. College students returning ...

  2. Look closely at that long, em-dashed sentence from American Pastoral, probably Roth’s finest work, written when he was 64 years old. (Of course, Portnoy’s Complaint, from 1973, is the one everyone talks about.

  3. The death of the auteur director in the #MeToo age

    The Conversation via Yahoo News6 days ago

    The Auteur Theory, which has held the film industry and film criticism in its grip since the 1950s, has recently come under attack from film critics – until now its greatest champions. The problem ...

  4. Then the car comes to a stop and Dern slips headphones onto her ears and picks up a camera. The Tale is a powerful and clear-eyed examination of sexual abuse and the shifting sands of one’s own memories.

  5. A newly arrived collection of Jewish books containing fables, with around 400 volumes spanning six centuries, will enrich Jewish studies at Cornell and cast light on the depth and breadth of ...

  6. The New Passport-Poor

    New York Review of Books3 days ago

    In Casablanca, the ex-lovers Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) reunite in the Moroccan port city where Ilsa and her husband, Victor Laszlo, have fled. Most people ...

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