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    1. Government officers and environment activists try to push back a stranded sperm whale to the open sea at a beach in Banda Aceh, Indonesia on Nov. 13, 2017. Nine sperm whales reportedly ...

    2. Tuesday’s Photos of the Day and Viral Videos

      The Press-Enterprise4 days ago

      Rescuers attempt attempt to push stranded whales back into the ocean at Ujong Kareng beach in Aceh province, Indonesia, Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. An official said 10 whales were stranded ...

    3. COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Police in Denmark says a man is suspected of stealing 12 of Copenhagen's green public benches that Danes instantly associate with the capital city.

    4. Global Forecast-Celsius

      Houston Chronicle1 day ago

      ...2 Auckland, New Zealand;Turning cloudy;21;14;A little p.m. rain;19;13;SE;24;56%;84%;4 Baghdad, Iraq;Sunny and nice;27;11;Mostly sunny;27;14;SE;7;36%;0%;3 Banda Aceh, Indonesia;Cloudy with showers;32;24;A shower or t-storm;31;23;SW;7;78%;66%;5 Bangalore, India;A t-shower in spots;28;20;A t-storm in spots;28;20;ESE;9;64%;55%;7 Bangkok, Thailand...

    5. Indonesians rush to save beached sperm whales

      Reuters via Yahoo News5 days ago

      An adult sperm whale, among the biggest mammals on earth, can grow up to 12 meters and can weigh up to 57 tonnes. In 2016, a group of 29 pilot whales were briefly trapped in a mangrove swamp ...

    6. MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (doo-TEHR'-tay) has sanctioned a bloody drug war that features extrajudicial killing. And this week, he boasted that he killed a man with

    7. ISTANBUL (AP) — A Turkish court has ordered the release of six defendants in the trial against dozens of suspects for their alleged links to the Islamic State group and

    8. Image: INDONESIA-CONSERVATION-ANIMAL-ELEPHANT This picture taken in Leuser National park, South Aceh on April 16th shows villagers riding on an elephant while an Indonesian mahout takes ...

    9. BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Slovak police say they have detained 78 migrants from Iraq, Iran and Syria traveling through Slovakia to Germany in two trucks.

    10. NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The construction of a huge new, Turkish-financed mosque in northern Cyprus has become emblematic of the fears of some Turkish Cypriots that a resurgence of the

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