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  1. Roads blocked in evening protests in Nicaragua's capital\r\nVideo provided by AFP

  2. The president of Madagascar on Sunday condemned as a "coup" deadly opposition-led protests against new electoral laws and warned "troublemakers" against further action. "I call on all the people ...

  3. Aix-en-Provence (France) (AFP) - Madison Keys saw off Pauline Parmentier in two sets to fire the United States into the Fed Cup final with a 3-1 semi-final win over France on Sunday.

  4. "Nurses have gone back to work today although their grievances still stand," Enoch Dongo, spokesman for the Zimbabwe Nurses Association, told AFP news agency on Monday.

  5. Jeddah-based Eman Joharjy told AFP that she made and wore her first sports abaya all the way back in 2007.

  6. NĂ©vache (France) (AFP) - Around 100 far-right activists on Saturday tried to block a French alpine pass used by migrants in a bid to "ensure that no illegal immigrant can return to France ...

  7. Mesina heads the "No+AFP" protest movement launched five years ago by unions that came out against the system and have organized marches of over 100,000 people. Known as the "Chicago ...

  8. Boxing: Matthysse vows fight 'to the death' against Pacquiao Video provided by AFP

  9. Former IS prison sees football revival in Syria's Raqa Video provided by AFP

  10. Flawed return deal offers no way back for Rohingya refugees Video provided by AFP

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