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    bipolar symptoms and treatment
    • What is seasonal depression? (FlipSide)

      The Charleston Gazette· 3 days ago

      As the long days of beautiful, warm sunshine close their doors and winter begins to arrive in full swing, many Americans, and those around the globe, begin to feel unmotivated, unenergized, ...

    • Prozac: Side effects and how to manage them

      Prozac: Side effects and how to manage them

      Medical News Today· 6 days ago

      Prozac (fluoxetine) is a brand-name prescription medication. Prozac can also be used in certain children with MDD, OCD, or in combination with olanzapine...

    • What is seasonal affective disorder? And do I have it?· 2 days ago

      About 10 million people in the U.S. experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every year, and many don’t even know it. If you feel tired, unfocused, inexplicably sad, or generally just not ...

    • Small Business - Picayune Item | Picayune Item

      The Picayune Item· 6 days ago

      You may seek treatment options if you’ve been suffering from depression. You might have heard ketamine therapy isn’t just a treatment for depression and ...

    • Stars who suffer from rare diseases

      MSN News· 9 hours ago

      While celebrities may seem like they have it all together, sometimes that's only surface deep. Many of the stars you know and love are actually suffering from rare diseases, undergoing