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  1. On April 12 and 13, President Trump’s approval rating, according to the Rasmussen Reports, was 50 percent. At the same point in Barack Obama’s presidency, Obama’s approval rating per Rasmussen ...

  2. Barbara Bush: Her life in photos

    Washington Examiner4 days ago

    Former first lady Barbara Bush, whose three-strand pearl necklaces and bright white hair made her instantly recognizable as the wife of one American president and mother of another one, died Tuesday. She was 92.

  3. The deadline for filing 2017 tax returns has passed. For many middle-class Americans, it marks the last time they will itemize deductions. On 2018 returns, taxpayers will receive a large increase ...

  4. In an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright raises concerns about about fascism around the world and says Trump has undemocratic instincts that worry her.

  5. Former first lady Barbara Bush dead at age 92

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch4 days ago

    Barbara Bush, the first lady whose plainspoken manner and utter lack of pretense made her more popular at times than her husband, President George H.W. Bush, died Tuesday. She was

  6. Barbara Bush didn't hesitate to tell people that her trademark pearl necklaces were fake. Americans liked that everything else about the snowy-haired first lady was real. Mrs. Bush died Tuesday ...

  7. Editor’s note: This is a transcript of Edwin Black’s keynote address on April 11, titled, “The Challenge of Legacy,” delivered in the Michigan Capitol Rotunda for the state’s official ...

  8. Images: Barbara Bush, 1925-2018

    Daily Herald5 days ago

    See Barbara Bush through the years.

  9. Commencement speeches are as much a part of a modern first lady's job description as hosting state dinners and reading to school kids.

  10. Social media companies have embraced artificial intelligence tools to scrub their platforms of hate speech, terrorist propaganda and other content deemed noxious. It is one of several moves ...

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