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    • Into the Minds of China’s Military AI Experts

      Foreign Policy Magazine· 4 days ago

      Adding to simmering U.S. anxieties are concerns that China lacks sufficient testing and evaluation protocols to ensure responsible AI use and development. U.S. intelligence ...

    • Myanmar: China, Al Qaeda And Greedy Generals

      Strategy Page· 19 hours ago

      January 4, 2018: The Burmese military denies it, but it appears the army response to the August 2017 Islamic terror attacks in Rakhine State were not just about seeking the ...

    • Leadership: China Fails at Fighting Corruption

      Strategy Page· 4 hours ago

      Time is not on China’s side. One of the more obvious is the shrinking Chinese work force and population in general. The overall population growth rate peaked in 2016 at 0.59 ...