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    • Gerald 'Jerry' Levenske

      Gerald 'Jerry' Levenske

      WKBT La Crosse· 4 days ago

      Jerry was born October 8, 1943 in Michigan and was raised in Two Harbors, MN. After graduation, he served in the U.S. Navy. Jerry began his telephone...

    • Massive comet discovery dwarfs all others

      Massive comet discovery dwarfs all others

      CBS 58 Milwaukee· 6 hours ago

      In our solar system, comets are the icy leftovers from when the sun and planets formed. The murky beginning of life on Earth is thought to be trapped...

    • Arlene Violet: And then there was….one

      Bristol Phoenix· 2 days ago

      Regular readers of this column may be aware that I represent pro bono (no legal fee) the elderly retirees who had worked at St. Joseph’s and/or Fatima Hospital before St. Joseph’s closed and ...