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    • Global Forecast-Fahrenheit

      Houston Chronicle· 11 hours ago

      ..., United States;Clouds and sun;56;30;Sunny and mild;58;31;SSW;5;28%;0%;2 Dhaka, Bangladesh;Clouds and sun;80;66;Cloudy;73;65;N;5;65%;7%;2 Dili, East Timor;A p.m. t-storm;92;78;A t-storm or two;90;76;SW;8;71%;68%;4 Dublin, Ireland;Windy with rain;50;37;Clouds and sun;45;38;WSW;8;86%;27%;1...

    • Global Forecast-Celsius

      Houston Chronicle· 1 day ago

      States;Not as cool;13;0;Clouds and sun;13;-1;SSW;9;24%;1%;1 Dhaka, Bangladesh;Partly sunny, nice;28;17;Clouds and sun;26;20;NNW;8;52%;0%;3 Dili, East Timor

    • Deals of the day-Mergers and acquisitions

      Reuters· 2 days ago

      ...billion. ** German public-sector bank Helaba has agreed to acquire the German unit of Franco-Belgian lender Dexia for 352 million euros ($397.69 million), the lenders said in statements on Friday. ** East Timor’s president has vetoed a government bid to increase access to its petroleum fund for...

    • Global Forecast-Fahrenheit

      Houston Chronicle· 2 days ago

      ...4 Denver, United States;Sunny;44;25;Not as cool;55;31;SSW;5;26%;0%;2 Dhaka, Bangladesh;Partly sunny;83;64;Hazy sun;82;63;NNW;5;61%;0%;4 Dili, East Timor;A t-storm around;96;76;A stray p.m. t-storm;89;78;WSW;7;72%;63%;7 Dublin, Ireland;Rain and drizzle;44;40;A little p.m....

    • Global Forecast-Fahrenheit

      Houston Chronicle· 4 days ago

      ..., United States;Partly sunny;59;31;Partly sunny;52;23;N;7;23%;63%;2 Dhaka, Bangladesh;Partly sunny;81;60;Hazy sunshine;83;59;N;5;53%;2%;4 Dili, East Timor;A stray p.m. t-storm;95;73;A p.m. t-storm;90;76;WNW;6;73%;65%;6 Dublin, Ireland;Mostly cloudy;51;45;Cloudy;49;41;SE;10;88%;75%;0 Dushanbe,...

    • Global Forecast-Fahrenheit

      Houston Chronicle· 5 days ago

      ..., United States;Not as cool;56;32;Partial sunshine;55;32;SSW;6;22%;5%;2 Dhaka, Bangladesh;Sunshine;82;59;Hazy sunshine;82;60;NNW;5;53%;0%;4 Dili, East Timor;A thunderstorm;95;74;A stray p.m. t-storm;89;76;W;5;74%;63%;8 Dublin, Ireland;Rather cloudy;48;41;A touch of p.m. rain;51;43;SE;11;88%;84%;0...