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    • The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2018 | OC Weekly

      The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2018 | OC Weekly

      OC Weekly· 2 hours ago

      Although 2018 was saturated with fake news, racist bullshit, political pundits and a palpable sense of division, if there is at least one good thing to come out of this year ...

    • Pterosaurs Sported Feathers, Claim Scientists

      The Scientist· 2 days ago

      A controversy over pterosaurs’ plumage has taken off, with a new discovery pushing feather origins back 80 million years into the early Triassic. Scientists have announced the discovery of feathers ...

    • Ormeus Cash Partners With COTI

      Market Watch· 10 hours ago

      The COTI Trustchain protocol addresses scalability and transaction costs and introduces new features for payments, such...merchants, governments, financial institutions payment dApps and stable ...