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    • What retailers might do next on health care

      What retailers might do next on health care

      Axios· 5 days ago

      Why it matters: Retailers hoping to grab a bigger piece of the $4.5 trillion health care market are likely to lean into their core strengths: consumer...

    • Small town hospitals, big time problems

      Politico· 6 days ago

      But doubts still linger over the wisdom of routine visual recording, even if well-intentioned...days ahead of Microsoft President Brad Smith’s hearing in front of the House ...

    • Ballot measures to rev up voters

      Politico· 2 days ago

      Mike Gascoigne: “Who voted to re-arm Israel.” Jim Lyons: “The aid to Israel and Ukraine.” Daniel Shea: “The vote to repeal Don’t Ask...Young gay me was watching C-SPAN on ...