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    • $250,000 Pays This Much In Interest

      $250,000 Pays This Much In Interest

      SmartAsset via Yahoo Finance· 6 days ago

      Growing your retirement savings is an important goal for most investors. When you reach $250,000 in your account, it helps to understand how much income...

    • In a world of 6% mortgage rates, savers are the winners

      Orange County Register· 6 days ago

      For roughly a decade, the same forces that plunged mortgage rates to record lows made no-risk savings earn next to nothing. If you’re a branch-banking fan, there are some opportunities to increase ...

    • 3 Short Maturity 'Cash-Alternative' Funds

      3 Short Maturity 'Cash-Alternative' Funds

      Seeking Alpha· 3 days ago

      There have been three ETFs that I have tracked for short and ultra-short maturity exposure. Yields are up significantly from last year when we last...

    • Three Ways You Can Cash In on Cash

      Three Ways You Can Cash In on Cash

      The Wall Street Journal· 6 days ago

      Keeping a portion of your portfolio safe and liquid no longer means settling for nothing—as long as you’re ready to move your money out of your bank...