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    • Emerald Potion

      Emerald Potion

      Fandom· 3 days ago

      {{dialogue a-b|Harry|You think the [[Horcrux]] is in there, sir?|Dumbledore|Oh yes. This potion cannot be penetrated by hand, Vanished, parted, scooped...

    • Disciplinary hearing of Harry Potter

      Fandom· 6 days ago

      As this hearing took place amid the Ministry of Magic's attempts to discredit Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter, there was some bias against Harry's case in hopes to ex

    • Gellert Grindelwald

      Gellert Grindelwald

      Fandom· 3 days ago

      1882/1883 – March 1998) was a Dark wizard who was considered to be amongst the most powerful and notorious wizards of all time, his only superiors being...

    • Sword of Gryffindor

      Sword of Gryffindor

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      "The sword of Gryffindor was made a thousand years ago by goblins, the magical world's most skilled metalworkers, and is therefore enchanted." The sword...

    • Jacob's sibling's everlasting candle

      Jacob's sibling's everlasting candle

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      This candle was a specially enchanted candle that would burn forever. This candle was created at some point before the 1986–1987 school year, as that...

    • Rubeus Hagrid's Murtlap

      Rubeus Hagrid's Murtlap

      Fandom· 21 hours ago

      On Hagrid's birthday, Albus Dumbledore contacted the department and asked if they could provide a pet for Hagrid. During the side quest, the player has...

    • Wandless magic

      Fandom· 6 days ago

      Wandless magic[1] was the performance of magic without the use of a wand. Such magic was often difficult to perform for those who didn't take the time learn the skill, and could have unexpected or volatile results if not done properly.

    • Underage magic

      Underage magic

      Fandom· 7 days ago

      Snape: "...and the Ministry can punish you if you do magic outside school, you get letters." Underage magic was any magic used by a wizard or witch who...