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    • Former Patriot publisher Rob Sennott dies

      The Barnstable Patriot· 1 day ago

      Rob Sennott, 74, passed away today after battling a long illness. Sennott purchased the Patriot in 1994, after a successful career in marketing and publishing in New York. Prior to the purchase ...

    • John F. Kennedy Middle School

      Journal Inquirer· 5 hours ago

      ENFIELD — These students were named to the third-quarter honor roll at John F. Kennedy Middle School.

    • Mack Williams: My Ebeneezer - Salisbury Post

      The Salisbury Post· 6 days ago

      On Palm Sunday, the congregation regularly returns to the sanctuary (a more appropriate, much larger place in which to mentally picture a Christ-bearing donkey with palm-waving crowd). In the ...

    • Whittaker Chambers and a new false witness

      Washington Examiner· 3 days ago

      Seven decades after Whittaker Chambers exposed the misdeeds of Alger Hiss and others to the public, his name is once again at the center of controversy. Last month, Chambers’ surviving son and ...

    • Socialist eras and errors

      The Washington Times· 4 days ago

      Socialism is cool again, thanks not least to septuagenarian Sen. Bernie Sanders and millennial Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC). Socialism has been cool before, of course, notably during ...