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    • Tuesday Briefing

      Tuesday Briefing

      New York Times· 1 day ago

      A deadly new phase in the war in Gaza.

    • Is Shoplifting Really Surging?

      Is Shoplifting Really Surging?

      New York Times· 7 days ago

      Claims that the U.S. is in the middle of a retail theft wave are exaggerated. Is the U.S. in the middle of a shoplifting ...

    • Big Profits in Caring for the Elderly

      Big Profits in Caring for the Elderly

      New York Times· 2 days ago

      In the U.S., companies seek high profits in the long-term care industry. The United States spends an average of about $13,000 per person ...

    • How Trump Would Govern

      How Trump Would Govern

      New York Times· 19 hours ago

      Donald Trump’s threats for another presidency are deeply alarming, historians and legal experts say. “2024 is the final battle,” Donald Trump has said....