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    • Trump Impeachment Trial Timeline Uncertain

      US News & World Report· 5 days ago

      The timeline for President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial is unclear as Democrats weigh how to juggle a time-consuming proceeding while also...

    • The tender masculinity of Shanty TikTok

      MSNBC· 6 days ago

      In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say ShantyTok represents the ideal form of masculinity in 2021. Sea shanties have a quality that breaks the...

  1. 2020 Election Results

    • Presidential


    • Senate


    • House


    • Governor


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    Winner gets electoral votes

    Joe Biden59.7%307,486
    Donald Trump38.8%199,922
    Jo Jorgensen1.0%5,053
    100% of estimated votes counted