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    • Editorial Roundup: Nebraska

      US News & World Report· 6 days ago

      In spreading its harm, COVID doesn’t stop to check a Nebraskan’s citizenship status. Achieving the needed level of herd immunity will be crucial in 2021 if Nebraska is to succeed in ending the virus threat.

    • Transcript - Getting Carriered Away

      Slate· 5 days ago

      S1: The suspect is Anthony Quinn Warner, the Anthony Quin’s. And my dad used to break plates at worst, Sorba, Anthony Quinn, Warner. My first thought about the bowling alley shooting was what’s a bowling alley doing open?

  1. 2020 Election Results

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    Donald Trump58.5%556,8464
    Joe Biden39.4%374,5831
    Jo Jorgensen2.1%20,283-
    100% of estimated votes counted