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    • 3 myths about chatbot design, busted

      VentureBeat· 24 minutes ago

      Conversational AI-supported chatbots that use natural language processing (NLP) help customers deal with everything from product recommendations to order questions. Enterprises love conversational ...

    • Cross-Sector: Market Data Highlights

      Cross-Sector: Market Data Highlights

      Moody's via Yahoo Finance· 1 day ago

      MOODY'S ANALYTICS CROSS-SECTOR CDS MOVERS CDS Implied Rating...Ratings iStar Inc. Baa2 Ba1 Ba2 Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Aa2 Aa3 ...

    • 20 Teams to Compete for $10M Telerobot XPrize

      20 Teams to Compete for $10M Telerobot XPrize

      IEEE Spectrum· 24 hours ago

      Supporting an aging population is a worldwide concern, but this demographic shift is especially pronounced in Japan, where more than a third of Japanese...

    • July 2022 Small SUV Sales

      July 2022 Small SUV Sales

      San Francisco Chronicle· 4 days ago

      Small SUV sales continue to be one of the most popular segments in the car industry. ...