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    • New SUVs That Are The Most Fuel-Efficient

      New SUVs That Are The Most Fuel-Efficient· 5 days ago

      The auto industry has continued to change for centuries but nothing appears as significant changes as the changes seen in the past decade. Perhaps the...

    • EV Range Anxiety Debunked: Actual Daily Use Revealed

      AP News Archive· 3 days ago

      Electric vehicle (EV) owners in the United States typically drive well within the range capacities of their vehicles, according to a comprehensive data analysis.The study, which examined anonymized ...

    • 2024 Jaguar F-Type R 75 Review: Do Not Go Gentle

      AP News Archive· 3 days ago

      Jaguar has spent over a decade producing this oh-so-pretty two-seater, and the last 12 months preparing us for the end. The 2024 F-Type R 75 is one of the last versions of this sports car, a sort that the world is likely to never see again.