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    • Letter to the Editor: Do some research

      Mohave Daily News· 2 days ago

      To Dale Smith and others who spout "facts and figures" please do your research! Eight million illegal immigrants did not come into the country during the Biden administration. As of last September ...

    • Letters to the editor

      Letters to the editor, Eden and Reidssville· 3 days ago

      To the undecided mass I ask, “Do you know who is trying to influence you by continuously bashing Joe Biden?” There is now speculation that the richest...

    • Go ahead, write your cover letter with ChatGPT

      Go ahead, write your cover letter with ChatGPT

      New Hampshire Union Leader· 6 days ago

      The same month, Resume Templates released its own survey results, showing that 1 in 5 Gen Zers looking for a job has used ChatGPT to create a resume or...