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    • All you need to know about Pearl Davis

      The US Sun· 1 week ago

      SELF-PROCLAIMED misogynist Andrew Tate may have found his match in the form of female YouTuber Pearl Davis. The English-American social media personality ...

    • Young men 'uncomfortable crying in front of male friends'

      Daily Telegraph· 2 weeks ago

      The young men who don’t feel like they can cry in front of their friends have probably learnt from an early age that boys don’t cry, that they must be tough and stoical and have a stiff upper ...

    • Attention Comets: dating is not a conquest

      Attention Comets: dating is not a conquest

      The UTD Mercury· 4 days ago

      You see the posts on Reddit so often it has become a self-referential meme: how do I get a girlfriend at UTD? But if you are looking for a partner just...