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    • The 4% Rule Faces New Problems Today | Kiplinger· 5 days ago

      Right now we have an investment market that is alarming from two perspectives: Stock prices are sitting at historically high levels, while bonds are paying out historically low incomes. The ...

    • 401(k) and IRA Rollovers: How to Guide

      401(k) and IRA Rollovers: How to Guide

      Investopedia· 2 days ago

      Cashing Out Your 401(k) Cashing out your 401(k) is usually a mistake. First, you will be taxed on the money as ordinary income at your current tax rate....

    • John Hancock Closed-End Funds Declare Monthly Distributions

      Morningstar· 2 days ago

      Premium Dividend Fund (the "Fund") declared its monthly distribution pursuant to the Fund's managed distribution plan (the "PDT Plan"). Under the PDT Plan, the Fund makes monthly distributions of an amount equal to $0.0975 per share.

    • Deputy General Counsel job with USAJobs | 43195550

      Washington Post· 2 days ago

      PRACTICE OF LAW AT THE USAGM (IN GENERAL): The practice of law at USAGM is unique within the federal government. The USAGM is primarily a news organization, meaning that all USAGM OGC attorneys ...

    • Computer Scientist job with USAJobs | 43195405

      Washington Post· 24 hours ago

      Apply mathematical and software engineering principles and disciples to the building of software systems. Perform various duties concerned with the application of, or research into, computer ...