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    Anthony Fauci
    • The real anti-vaxxers

      The real anti-vaxxers

      The Lake County Record-Bee· 3 days ago

      Trump could shoot hydroxychloroquine up his butt; Fauci could sneer at masks, then a week later demand that we wear 17 masks; governors could order...

    • Power & Market

      Power & Market

      Ludwig von Mises Institute· 2 days ago

      The US task force and vaccines are poised to suffer a loss in public confidence. Most people blame the pausing of distribution of the Johnson & Johnson...

    • Verifying your claims about COVID deaths

      Verifying your claims about COVID deaths

      WCNC Charlotte· 9 hours ago

      There’s been some confusion over COVID deaths since the CDC published its COVID-19 comorbidity report. It shows 94% of COVID-reported deaths from...

    • Our Covid destiny

      Our Covid destiny

      Axios via Yahoo News· 2 days ago

      Why it matters: More than half of the world — and a substantial portion of Americans — remains unvaccinated. Between the lines: The future will be...