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    • Argument preview: Calling (PLRA) strikes - SCOTUSblog

      SCOTUSblog· 1 day ago

      The statute was written hurriedly, and rarely does a year go by without a Supreme Court decision addressing some issue of its interpretation. This term’s case is about the PLRA’s “three strikes ...

    • PAT LASTER: They said what?

      Arkansas Democrat-Gazette· 3 days ago

      In honor of Presidents Day, I'd like to share some words others have said about our presidents. Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, in a letter to her husband in 1777 wrote: "In the new code ...

    • Excerpts from recent South Dakota editorials

      The Rock Hill Herald· 2 days ago

      When a South Dakota judge can’t provide the jury in a rape case with a legal definition of “consent” despite all three charges against the defendant including the word, as happened late last ...