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    • ‘The Judge Hates Donald Trump’

      ‘The Judge Hates Donald Trump’

      The Atlantic· 17 hours ago

      Since the New York State judge Juan Merchan fined and scolded Donald Trump earlier this month for violating a gag order in his criminal trial, the former...

    • L. Franklin Devine retires from 60 Minutes

      L. Franklin Devine retires from 60 Minutes

      CBS News· 2 days ago

      L. Franklin Devine may be a name that regular 60 Minutes viewers recognize. Frank spent 43 years as a CBS News producer, including 35 years at 60...

    • Ladd Everitt, Salon

      The Raw Story· 12 hours ago

      NICS has failed spectacularly in one high-profile shooting after another, allowing individuals with a history of violence and/or severe mental illness to legally purchase weapons later used ...