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  1. SEREMBAN: Negeri Sembilan Barisan Nasional chairman and Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan will defend his Rantau state seat, which he has held since 2004, in the upcoming polls. Isa, the acting chairman ...

  2. They said they were viewed with suspicion by Vietnamese officials and have had trouble finding work.

  3. "I was always thinking about my greater purpose," David Pong told CNBC Make It.

  4. Kristin Barnaby, a self-described arachnophobe, found a way to overcome what she dreads at a North Carolina burger joint.

  5. Years ago, a huge worry was the so called “resume holes” – you didn’t work for a period of time and it looked like you were lazy or unemployable.

  6. Coronado in Panama once had pristine beaches and not much else. Today the resort town is a haven for U.S. and Canadian retirees.

  7. FIBRE-to-home is an interesting proposal that Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim is talking about. That will put Axiata in head-on competition with other players including incumbent Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

  8. Lawyers say ICE can still deport serious criminals, but not under a vague standard.

  9. KUALA PILAH: The remains of Wanita UMNO permanent chairman Tan Sri Napsiah Omar was buried at the Kampung Jawa Muslim Cemetery here today at 12.40pm.

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